Add WhatsApp to your PrestaShop website

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August 31, 2019
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September 6, 2019

With you can add your own WhatsApp Widget to your PrestaShop website.

  • Create your account and configure your widget.
  • Go to your theme and copy the code in your HEAD.TPL
  • /themes/YOURTHEME/templates/_partials/head.tpl

You can test the code in your site using this sample Script.

With PrestaShop you need to add the tag “literal”

<script async data-id="12575" src=""></script>

That is it. All you need to do to have a free WhatsApp Widget in your website.

Why you need a WhatsApp Widget in PrestaShop?

If you want to have more customers, you need WhatsApp. Younger audiences do not have email or do not use email as personal channel for communication. They may have a business account but they will not want to mix a private purchase with their business account. And all they have is their cell phone. So you need to have WhatsApp as a channel to communicate with your customers.

Example: PrestaShop website using WhatsApp.


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