How to configure your WhatsApp Widget – Settings

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October 12, 2019
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October 15, 2019

How to configure your WhatsApp Widget step by step.

1. The first step is to create your account. Go here and create your account.

2. The first screen you need to setup is Settings.

3. In this page you need to add your URL. This is mandatory and we need to know the URL of your website. You can add subdomains, IPs, anything, but needs to be unique per widget. For security reasons we link the widget to the domain you provide.

4. Widget Title. This is a very important piece of text. This is the text the user will be in your Widget by default. In this example from you can see a clear, direct call to action in the “Widget Title“.

5. Widget Description. This is the text that will show up on the widget

6. Widget mode. You can have a first field for your customers to type on the chat window.

This is optional. You can have a direct link to WhatsApp or a first input field in your window. If you want to capture specific information from your customers, this a very useful way to do it.

7. Show Widget on

You can present the widget everywhere, or just mobile, or just desktop. WhatsApp is a 99% mobile app.

8. Auto Open Widget.

This is very important to make an effective call to action. After a few seconds you can prompt the chat window to the user. That way they will know we are here to help them.


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