Whatsapp Widget for Website

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November 24, 2019
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December 1, 2019

We have created the best WhatsApp Widget for your website.

Why use WhatsApp in your website?

We have talked about the advantage of users contacting you, but what if you are the one who wants to inform them about a promotion or let them know that your package is ready for collection?

When the user sends you a message you can save your phone in your contacts directory. Think that now you communicate with them through a very personal channel, so we advise you to reserve this form of messaging for important things or you could be moving customers away instead of loyalty.

Contact your customers with WhatsApp from your website

One of the most positive parts of this channel is that is easy to use and clients can get an answer their questions easily.

We must bear in mind that in many occasions the users look for solutions to doubts or problems when they browse our website.

If we offer the client the possibility of solving their problem by providing solutions at the moment, we are offering a lot of value to our brand in addition to differentiating ourselves from the competition with more efficient services.

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