How to manage Facebook pixel

How to create a second line for WhatsApp business?
February 22, 2020
WhatsApp Business CRM
September 30, 2020

Gumroad’s friends have posted a video of how you can use the Facebook pixel. Gumroad has nothing to do with WidgetWhats, but in this case it doesn’t matter, because the handling of the Facebook pixel is the same. It will be useful to check how the Facebook analytics works thanks to the installed pixel. As you can see in the video, you only have to paste the ID in the space provided, in our case in the SETTINGS tab of the Widget configuration.

Remember that the widget does not send any events, just insert the facebook pixel with your ID in an intermediate page before launching WhatsApp. This way you can post to your facebook account as many times as WhatsApp has been opened from WidgetWhats.

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