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Full Customization

Customize widget appearance, text, color, button style and position.

Conversation Style

The only chat widget with 'live-chat' like style which engage visitors.

Auto Open Widget

Automatically open widget in x seconds to get attention from site visitors

FB Pixel Integration

Retarget every incoming chat on facebook ads by tracking them with a pixel.


Unlimited Widgets

Create unlimited Chat Widgets for each of your websites.

Unlimited Agents

Add multiple WhatsApp numbers and as many customer support agents as you have.

Agent Availability

Set online schedules for each WhatsApp account based on days and time.

Embed Everywhere

Embed Chat Widget on every website platform easily.
More leads from your website using WhatsApp

Turn visitors into leads

Don't miss, leads not from even a single visitor. This widget enables you to send greetings to visitors with an auto-open feature after x seconds. More leads. More conversion. Create your Account today

Engaging visitors is a team effort

Have multiple customer support teams? Don't worry, show them all in a widget to handle your website visitors. Business becomes easier.

Seamlessly add a WhatsApp chatbot to your site

Change the appearance of the widget to match your brand identity and website design.

Capture visitor's attention without being annoying

Get visitor's attention with this floating call-to-action button. Choose from one of three button styles to seamlessly fit into your website. Click the image on the left to view it in action!

Manage each agent's schedule

Set online schedules for each WhatsApp account based on day/time. No more abandoned chats when agents are away.

Retargeting incoming chats

Track visitors via Facebook pixels to enable retargeting from the WhatsApp widget.

Looks amazing on mobile and desktop

The widget is designed to look beautiful on every screen size and device type including tablets, mobile phones, and laptops.

Seamless integration with most website platforms & CMS

Easy to integrate with website builders, content management systems, or even through plain HTML



No need to install any WordPress Whatsapp Widget plugin, just paste a single line of code.


Integrate this WhatsApp Chat Widget for Shopify by pasting a single line of code to its theme liquid file.


It is easy to integrate WhatsApp Chat Widget to Magento, just paste an embed code to content block.


Install WhatsApp Widget on Blogspot platform by adding embed code to html gadget in layout.



Embed Whatsapp Chat WIdget on Wix by pasting an embed code to HTML.


Easy to integrate WhatsApp Chat Widget to Joomla using Custom HTML Module feature


Paste widget embed code on HTML Element inside Elementor Editor to add WhatsApp Chat Widget

Plain HTML

Integrating WhatsApp Chat Widget is easy on plain HTML, just paste a single line of code before end body tag.

Frequently asked questions


Inbox, a multiagent tool for WhatsApp

Several agents can serve all your customers from a single WhatsApp number, using one inbox and handling support tickets.

How to put WhatsApp in WordPress?

It can be done in a simple and free way, even without having any technical knowledge, by installing any of the existing plugins in the official WordPress.org repository.

How to add WhatsApp widget for website?

The method to add a ‘click to chat’ from WhatsApp to any Website is through a Widget. This way users can start chatting with your company through WhatsApp with just one click.

How do I create a WhatsApp link?

To create the link: Use this simple online tool followed by the person's full phone number in international format. Omit any zeroes, brackets or dashes when adding the phone number.

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