WhatsApp Widget for your website

Free chat widget  for your website

Chat connectivity, lead capture and customer generation.

Features for your Chat Widget

Start offering your customers a better communication experience in their preferred channel.

Full Customization

Customize the widget appearance: text, color, button styles, position and devices.

Conversation Style

The only chat widget with ‘live-chat’ like style which engage visitors.

Auto Open Chat

Automatically open the ChatBox in x seconds or in a percentage of scroll page.


An automatic transfer of data to Google and Facebook analytics, see how site visitors interact with your widget.

Unlimited Views

We will not count the number of times your widget is visited, you will never lose customers for this reason.

Unlimited Agents

Add multiple phone numbers and as many customer service agents as you need, there is no limit.

Working hours

Set the hours when your agents will be operating, you can define several time slots per day, and set the time zone.

Links, gifs, Emoji

Now you can easily add content to the chat window to multiply the options and attract the attention of users.

Review all core features in depth.

Turn visitors into engage customers

Do you want to multiply your results x3? This widget enables you to send greetings to visitors with an auto-open feature after x seconds. More leads. More conversion.

Capture visitor's attention without being annoying

Get visitor’s attention with this floating call-to-action button. Choose from one of three button styles to seamlessly fit into your website. Now you can easily add content to the chat window to multiply the options and attract the attention of users.

Manage each agent's schedule

Configure each agent’s availability by day and multiple time slots. Control time usage to show real agent status even if your customers are in different parts of the world. 

Widget compatible with any system

Easy to integrate with website builders, content management systems, or even through plain HTML

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