FAQ about WhatsApp Widget

How to add Widget WhatsApp to your Wix Website
August 23, 2019

Which specific plugin integrate with this one?

It integrates with Whatsapp, which is one of the most omnipresent plugin in the world. WidgetWhats enables WhatsApp in your website as a Click to Chat button. More than that, you can enable multiple agents, schedules and your own design. This is a full featured widget for WhatsApp and works in every platform. HTML, PHP, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, and more.

What is Widgetwhats?

It allows you to set WhatsApp widgets up on your websites and also contacts various WhatsApp Support numbers. Widgetwhats can be highly practical and serviceable for business of company through texting important incoming chats back and forth. WhatsApp is the best way to engage with your customers and visitors. WhatsApp accelerates sales and support and makes your customers happy. Just use it. You will see how your engagement grows.

How to enable WhatsApp in my website with Widgetwhats? In other words, how to create WhatsApp Widget?

  1. First create your free account.
  2. Then access to your own control panel: If you have not signed up for Widgetwhats previously, please do so in order to proceed.

How to manage your “Settings” section

  1. Site URL – Type your website link that you wish to make a widget for.
  2. Widget Title – Type your widget title. It is relevant for the users.
  3. Widget Description – Write a description for your widget.
  4. If you are using free plan, your choices are limited for other functions. Other functions are for only premium members.

For “Appearance” section

  1. Widget Style – You are able to choose a style of blank out of 3 styles.
  2. Widget Position – You can choose widget position either left or right.
  3. Widget Icon – You can choose a style of WhatsApp Icon on the title.
  4. Widget Responsive
  5. Widget Color. You can change the color of the WhatsApp widget from the control panel.

Agent section

You can add as many agents as you need and personalised the information, time availability for each agent.

Copy the code in your website

In this video we explain step by step how to insert the script we generate in your website using HTML or PHP.

What is the feature limits of the free version of WhatsApp Widget? Is there a time limit to the free version?

The free version is fully functional forever. No need to go premium if you are a solo founder or you have just one agent. If you need multiple agents, custom design, scheduling, then you need to move to premium.



  1. Adeniyi Adedamola says:

    can i use the widget for more that one website?

  2. Jose Garcia says:

    Hi He bought his service and everything was fine. But when I try the widget link created at the time I can click to contact the whatsapp number, it only directs me to https://web.whatsapp.com/

    Please help (The Problems it´s pc not in mobile

    The web is https://platosperu.com

    Thank you

  3. R says:


    I have the white label and it doesn’t work in a web app without revealing your url cdn.whatswidget.com What can be done about this please

  4. sergio says:

    si para chateat me dirige a whatsapp.wep que chiste tiene usar este servicio y encima de pago..debería ser gratis porque no ofrece nada nuevo muy mala por ahora mejoren.. y que el chat sea desde la web y que no te redirija a la web de whatsapp.web… sigan trabajando!!!

    • WhatsApp for your Website says:

      Hola Sergio, gracias por tu comentario. el plugin ofrece :
      – La posibilidad de añadir varios agentes.
      – Horarios.
      – Fotos de los agentes.
      – Diseños personalizados.

      Hacemos muchas cosas que que creemos que aportan valor al plugin. De todas formas, el plugin lo puedes utilizar de forma gratuita. Es gratis para siempre si creas una cuenta.

    • Aaron says:

      Ofrece algo que nadie que lo sepa hacer hará gratis… si lo fuera cualquiera lo haría como lo pides.

      • WhatsApp for your Website says:

        Hola Sergio, gracias por tu comentario. Creo que ofrecemos un servicio de calidad y con soporte.
        Cómo antes he comentado, ofrecemos una versión 100% gratuita. Si no quieres pagar, tienes una versión que usan más de 6.000 webs en el mundo.
        La versión de pago es por si quieres añadir algunos servicios extra.

  5. Tommy says:

    hello, i’m interested & want to ask about widgetwhats. where do i put my whatsapp phone number, so when someone contact will direct to my phone number

    thank you.

  6. ebuka says:

    After intehgrating the widget on my website, the Whatsapp Icon does not show very well.

    The Whats App icon Beside “Need help? Lets chat” pulls to the next line instead of being beside the “Need help? Lets chat” text.

    Please kindly assist me to resolve it urgently.


  7. Marcio says:

    It’s possible works like a chat? For example, don’t redirect to whatsApp Web or WhatsApp, but send messages directly inside Widget.

    • WidgetWhats says:

      Hello Marcio👋
      It is not possible, for that there are other solutions in the market. Greetings.

      • Marcio says:

        Thanks for response. More one Question: Can i change the Margin Bottom in CSS file? I need a 60PX Bottom, because i have other button that’s overlap the Widget. PS: I don’t want the Widget at left position.

  8. Rod says:

    Hello; my WHATSAPP button has stopped working in Firefox; Microsoft Edge and Androdid phone; The button only appears when I see my website in Google Chrome.- until yesterday it worked perfect and today it doesn’t work.- has something changed?

    • WidgetWhats says:

      Yesterday we did a small update on the widget.
      We have detected the problems you are commenting on and should already be resolved.

      What is your website so we can verify it?

  9. Tiene un fallo grave cuando se utiliza en iphone con Safari y con Mozilla. Después de cerrar el whats app, no se puede regresar a la web del comercio.

    Con Chrome en el movil si funciona bien.

  10. Varias sugerencias:

    1. Que exista la opciones donde el orden en que aparezcan los agentes sea RANDOM
    2. Que se de la opción que solo sean visibles los agentes online.
    3. Que cada agente pueda tener diferentes rangos de hora en 1 dia. Minimo 2 rangos, para horas de almuerzo, etc.
    4. Que haya la opción de ir directo al whatsapp sin abrir la ventana, y que el # de whatsapp sea random entre los disponibles ONLINE.
    5. Que haya mas opciones de ubicación del botón.

  11. La aplicación es demasiado buena. Las he ensayado todas, y esta puede llegar a ser la mejor con diferencia.

    Pero aún le falta ciertos ajustes.

    Un aspecto muy importante , es que se pueda configurar para cuando llega el mensaje por whatsapp, aparezca la URL desde donde se origina.