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Inbox for WhatsApp, how to serve all your customers instantly?

Several agents can serve all your customers from a single WhatsApp number, using one inbox and handling support tickets.

Between sending emails and chatting in a messenger, it can be difficult to remember which application or email account you used to send information or even to whom. For that and other reasons, Trengo is not only capable of managing multiple accounts, but also integrates with popular messengers such as WhatsApp. You can use WhatsApp’s emails and chat in a single application to split up the different types of communication and also to make it easier to navigate through the different message threads.

Best For Trengo

Trengo is suitable for all companies, from start-ups to enterprises, who want to work and communicate efficiently with customers, teams and colleagues. Trengo is easy to use and understand.

Automatically inform customers with auto-replies

Are you receiving messages outside of business hours? With auto-replies, you can automatically inform your customers about business hours. The auto-replies are customizable and can be used via all the channels you connect to Trengo.

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